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How to add a slit to your sleeve or collar

I’m going to show you one of the easiest ways to sew any kind of simple opening you might need to insert in a sleeve or neckline.

This cute method is perfect for delicate satin or gauze blouses!!


How to do an spaghetti strap for your dress

With a simple strip of fabric you can create straps for your blouses and dresses as well as a loop to apply to any part of your garment.

I’m going to show you two ways to make this type of spaghetti strap. One with visible stitching and the other without any visible stitching.


How to modify the neckline on a body pattern

Modifying the neckline in a sewing pattern is a simple alteration that can give our garment a very different touch. I’m going to show you how to modify the neckline in a sewing pattern using the Sarah dress pattern as an example.


How to sew a zipper fly for your pants

The zipper fly is an element that we will have to sew many times throughout our sewing life. It is a type of closure widely used in pants and even in some skirts.
We will have 4 main pieces: the two front pieces of the pants and the two crossing placket pieces of the fly.


Sarah dress HACK – Changing to a gathered skirt

The Sarah dress is a very simple and versatile dress pattern. The waist darts make the fit of the dress feel great. It is the kind of dress that you could wear for any occasion and you would be perfect.
The pattern has a circle skirt and I’m going to show you how to add a gathered skirt instead.


Adding a back lace-up in a dress

Using a lace up in the back of your dress is a very simple way to adjust the fit of the garment to your liking and it is also a very cute princess detail.
The best part is that it allows the garment to fit snugly at the waist even though your size may have varied a bit.

Next I’m going to add a lace up in the back of my Sarah dress pattern.


MiraJane dress HACK – Dress into a blouse

This is not the first time I’ve made a hack of this dress pattern. I recently explained to you how to add an elastic puffed sleeve instead of straps. Now let’s see how we can take advantage of the dress pattern to make a very simple and pretty blouse. 


MiraJane dress HACK – Adding a puffed sleeve

The MiraJane dress pattern is initially a fairly basic and simple dress design but I think that’s what makes it so versatile. From lengthening or shortening the skirt to adding for example a simple elastic puffed sleeve instead of straps.
What do you think if we see how to add the lantern sleeve that we have in our 01 sleeve pack to give a different look to the dress?


How to do a button hole using the sewing machine

As you sew more and more it will be essential that you learn how to sew buttons and make buttonholes.
When I was a beginner it used to bother me a lot to spend a lot of time and care to make the garment look nice and then it would get screwed up because the buttonholes.


Denisse jacket HACK – Adding a button cross

The jacket is clearly inspired by a standard Chanel Parisian tweed jacket design so with this tutorial you have more options to customize your jacket in the style you like. Ss you can see you can add a button crossing very easily in the pattern if you like this style better.