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How to add a slit to your sleeve or collar

How to add a slit to your sleeve or collar

I'm going to show you one of the easiest ways to sew any kind of simple opening you might need to insert in a sleeve or neckline. It is perfect for inserting cuffs on sleeves of a shirt blouse or for the application of necklines for example collars with laces, etc. It is very good to apply on blouses made of light fabrics like crepe or chiffon.

This type of slit is very easy to apply anywhere because you simply make a straight cut in the fabric. Let’s imagine we have a sleeve with an slit of about 12 cm. The first step is to make the cut at the position of the slit.

A strip of fabric about 3 – 3.5 cm wide is used to clean the cut. To make it easier later on, you can press the seam allowance to the inside (1/4 of the piece on each side).

The fabric strap have to be sewn along the entire length of the cut. Once the strap is placed with pins, the cut will appear to be a horizontal line.
When stitching the seam allowance at the end of the cut, the stitching will practically go through the corner. You must be careful at this point!!

Now you should wrap around the entire edge of the fabric as if you were sewing a bias tape. What we call bias binding.

From the inside of the garment, stitch a 40ยบ stitch on the upper part of the tape. This way the opening will be more closed at the top.

And that’s the end of the tutorial on how to add a slit to your sleeve or neckline.

See you soon!

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